Wednesday, March 4, 2009



Estevan Oriol began his career in the entertainment industry in the late 1980's as a club bouncer at Los Angeles' most popular Hip Hop clubs and infamous Hollywood hangouts. It was there that Estevan first linked up with his Soul Assassin brothers from South Gate, Cypress Hill. Eager to expand his knowledge of the business, Estevan secured a job as tour manager for the rap group, House of Pain, in 1992. Estevan invoked his unique photography style to catalogue the outrageous experiences he had on tour and began taking pictures of his neighborhood homies and the low rider culture. In 1995, after collaborating on various projects with Mr. Cartoon, a world famous Los Angeles based artist, the two joined forces in 1995 to create Joker Brand Clothing. A decade later, Mr. Cartoon and Estevan expanded their empire, using their unique talents to assist brands and companies in reaching the coveted Hispanic Urban market place through the establishment of SA Studios Agency, a multi-cultural multimedia design/art company. SA orchestrated a highly successful collaboration art show sponsored by Nike called Cultura, based on the line of shoes completed for Nike.

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