Thursday, October 16, 2008

er bawdy voiceboxin.. arrrgh

Everybody loves the headsnappp of the classics by roger and zapp, and the master of the voicebox (vocoder) Roger Troutman has had quite an influence on all kinda cats but only a few might really have paid due to his style, notably teddy riley. Im finding lately er bawahwwawawadeeyeeyeeeee is making songs with this sound. Tpain mighta started this resurgence but there is a slight difference Mr. P or Tallahassee Pain is good at it. Theres a list of joints ,some Ive heard some I kinda refuse, of artists tryna catch on to Tpain voicebox bandwagon. R Kelly has a joint, of course Lil Wayne got joints(this is where the "best rapper alive" kinda lost me) I heard Mack10 has a song using it. OK thats too far.! Kanye's album 808's & Heartbreak is mostly sung through the voicebox. I cant lie Ive been sceptical of Mr. To The's new one, til' I heard this one .

Heartless - Kanye West

I GUESS we should get used to this trend by cats sangin' but *at least lets do it right muhfuck@hs..

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Wren said...

i feel you! thanks for posting