Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mccain wants to press PAUSE!!

Does trying to do more than one thing at a time seem like to tough of a task for an American President?? Sen. McCain's beliefs as of a few weeks ago that the sound fundamentals of this economy are at odds with the MCCAIN beliefs of today. Telling the press he wants to postpone fridays Presidential Debate with Sen. Obama to be in D.C. on the hill to fix these "sound" fundamentals. After first being against the massive bailout of the banking industry failures and now in favor, I guess he wants to go to Washington to get it RIGHT... but can he just press pause on the Presidential Campaign. Obama says he's showing up and the debate committee is full steam ahead, soooo whats McCain trying here. Might this be a TACTIC, dare I say! Sounds like the wool being pulled. How bout this, there wont be enough time left before election day to have all the debates planned so one might have to be cancelled.. one like THE VICE-PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE!! lol

*(in my best McCain impression voice) my friends if we could just stall em a little maybe they'll have to cancel the vp debates and then they cant find any shit out about PALIN...

*(some other rich guy)yeah Mac we just need em to keep talking about lipsticks and pigs and kids with kids and sexism and the risky black guy.

Although he puts "country first" right! sooooo its gotta be he's trying fix this mess..RIGHT?

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